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looking for advice


New Member
I'm wanting to do some small vinyl truck window decals and small things like this at home. Does anyone have any suggestions on what would make a good enexpensive machine. I'm not sure i would need a high quality machine to do this. Thanlks for any help you can give.
You can have any two of the three following options:
1. Cheap
2. Fast
3. Good

Good and inexpensive do not go together in the sign business. Moreover, why would you want to invest in anything other than quality? If you intend on hobby - save your money. If you are planning on getting serious, start off on the right foot and save yourself the grief. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is no "in-between".


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Get a Creation CT630. ( 24 inch machine) Capable, inexpensive. Get the winPC software if you have a choice.
There is also the line of Roland Stika cutters for doing the small stuff.
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