Looking for bolt caps


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We're doing a sign at a mall in a space that used to be a GNC store. The cabinet is shallow, it has LEDs inside, and the outside has fluorescent lights all around the edge. They're small tubes, relatively short and they just have them lined up around the outside. There is not face on the sign. It just has a blank piece of coroplast screwed right into the cabinet with self tappers. The edge of the cabinet has four tapped holes on the front for 5/16" bolts, which were lying in the bottom of the sign. The holes stop with about 1/4" of threads showing. The bolts have big, ugly hex heads like regular hardware. I've linked below a picture I found on facebook of what I think this sign probably looked like.

What I am planning Is a face of acrylic and a 10mm ACM frame that I'll drill and through-bolt with those bolts. But then I'll have to deal with the ugly hex heads. Is there a chrome bolt cap I can use that will work with this kind of bolt? All the ones I've used thread onto a collar that you use a flat (countersunk) type screw.



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Do you have a cnc? We had a few projects where we had to cnc our own... It's not.the funnest thing I'm the world, but it worked. Cnc it a bit deeper than the hex head, cut it into a round, or whatever shape you like.... Sand the edges a bit and throw on some mathews paint to match the project.

Then we just used a bit of silicone to keep them in place. Looked nice as well. It used scrap pieces of metal, so it. Pst us nothing but time and a bit of paint.

Not the easiest way to do it.. But if you have a router and are in a pinch, it's doable for any size caps