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Looking for Font Name


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Was wondering if anyone could put a name on this font for me? Sorry picture isn't the greatest, thanks for any help.



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Fred Weiss

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Hard to tell from the pic George but here are the only three I can find with similar features. Othello appears to be closest, however it is not the same Othello sold by Fonts.com and I have no idea where my copy has come from.


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:thankyou: Fred. Looks like a recognizable font to me, but I haven't come close with all I have here.

Thanks again,



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Geb and Fred,

At first I wanted to say Aurora but then saw cap A in Aurora not rounded same at top.
Othello looks like has spur on base of R (sample on machine looks pretty straight on foot of R).

I took Geb's pic, enlarged 2x and 2x on resolution. Still a challenge to match. Geb, if you are selling graphics for restoration and to replace old lettering, this would have been trace and covert-to-vector for me.

The T, F and E are share most of the same strokes and are all straight lines. Easy to recreate from bitmap, drawing rectangles in Corel, Illustrator or any sign program.

The R, A and M share stroke widths and curves.

Once character A is recreated, massaging it into an R or M is easy by chopping apart sections, copying, pasting and welding.

I'd vote for House Gothic Black if you are using lots of characters or if the customer wants cheap, quick and dirty. But if just for this one machine, for total accuracy, and impressing the customer...

Give them the ultimate restoration letters and 'selling' them on the value of your time by tracing them and creating a perfect set. I have made several restoration sets for a collector of antique Cockshutt (hehehe), Co-Op, Oliver and Hart-Parr tractors. Nothing will match the original in time savings and accurate reproduction except - trace and convert-to-vector.


no accounting for color scheme on these 1940's Canadian tractors, eh?


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Nice restoration work Barry.

I did the same, drew, traced, and scanned, and it took a little but it was worth the effort.