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Looking for Kryptek (white) wrap vinyl or pattern to print


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We have a customer requesting the Kryptec pattern on white. Anyone have a good source for this. Anyone have the pattern and I'll print my own vinyl?


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Kentucky Wraps

Kentucky Wraps
Kryptek® Camo Patterns need a license to use them. You probably wouldn't want people stealing you art, so you shouldn't do it to some else.

That said, you can pretty quickly make your own built to size in Photoshop pretty easily. https://www.123rf.com/photo_75318015_stock-vector-modern-kryptek-raid-camouflage-patterns.html

He may not have realized he needed a license to print and therefor it may be a little premature to say he shouldn't steal someone's art. There are many unlicensed camo patterns out there.
Bushwolf has a similar set of patterns to that particular style. Those you provided look very similar as well. Good find.

There is a site you can order preprinted kryptec vinyl from I believe. Don't remember the name.