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Looking for Print and Cut Machine.


New Member
I would like to get a Print and cut Machine about 24in but I don’t know where to start.
So can anyone tell me model numbers and manufactures of some of the print and cut machines on the market.
Also what can I except to pay I also might look in to used if I can get quality at a good price.
And what machines do I want to stay away from?


Craig Sjoquist

New Member
STOP.... STOP... I'm awesuming you have a cutting machine now and happy with it also will last few more years ok ...the big thing is.. are you on a ..NORMAL bases.. having printing done by another sign co., and selling printed signs etc. WELL. .....if so look for a.. printer only ..and cut with your present machine...WHY.. the biggest reason you want to keep the printer, printing while the last print inks dry, some inks take a hour plus to dry, talk to the sign co. that prints for you, might also be good........ if not and your gonna be 1st in town sort to speak you got a learning curve to deal with and would most likely be best if you BUY NEW ..the older printers had there problems and a learning curve many sign ppl had to deal with ....THANK YOU & ENJOY LIFE


New Member
You should really take a look at the Roland versacamm, definitely the easiest machine to get into for someone who is new to the printing business.