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Looking For:: Someone with LEF 12 or 20 Flatbed!


New Member
Hey Guys-
We have a print job that requires the use of an LEF12 or LEF20 UV flatbed printer and are looking for someone to sub this job out to. We have run these in the past using an LEF12 with excellent results, but the person we were using has since sold their business. We do not want to explore the use of any other printers for this particular customer.

Size of item is approx 2.5" x 3.75"
PRINT ONLY (customer provides their product print-ready...just need the printing done).

We do have a target price we have been working with in the past. Customer does 200 pieces at a time (Minimum we have set). Artwork is vector and print-ready. We have these boxed up and ready to put priority mail label on them.

Please PM me asap if you're interested.