Looking for this Vet symbol


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VA1, VA2 and VA 3 do not have.
Express Clip art does not have.

Anyone have this and if so where did you get it?

Customer wants that exact symbol.


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having done more work for vets than i want to remember my opinion on the veterinarian caduceus that you are showing is that it is one that at some point has been drawn by someone, it doesnt look like any of the one's i have seen in any collection and with the varrying stroke width of the snake and a few other signs leads me to my opinion...i would get busy redrawing or send it off to the vector doctor this will be a real easy one to reproduce.
i am reading this as the op wants to find the exact veterinarian caduceus he has posted rather than recreate it (which wouldnt be a difficult task). if the image he has posted and mentioned that the client wants the "EXACT" image is for representation only there are hundreds of vet caduceus' available..most of much better quality than the one posted.

uhm i think the op needs to 'chime' in here.

are you simply looking for the veterinarian caduceus? or the 'exact' image you posted in vector form?

because what midnight has posted is a representation of the caduceus (again which is readily available almost anywhere) but it is miles from the 'exact' image requested.

some clarity is needed. you are either searching for something that is READILY available (a simple vet caduceus) or you are searching for the 'exact' image (as you stated) and it is going to need to be recreated.


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Sorry just got back in. Midnight is hooking me up tomorrow. I'm not certain how "readily" available a vector version is as I haven't found it after hours of searching. There seem to be a million versions of that thing.

The vet I'm doing the work for insists the one I posted is the "real" one, and hey, who am I to argue since I didn't spend 8 years in college to be able to display it.

The story behind the symbol is pretty interesting though.

I was just surprised the none of the VA packages had a close one.


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You spent hours looking for it? That should take no more than 15 minutes to redraw. You are losing money wasting your time
here is how readily available the veterinary caduceus is 5 seconds of searching (and that may be an exageration it might have been 2 seconds)

http://images.google.com/images?hl=...ian symbol caduceus&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi

oh and here's a few on our very own Fred Weiss' site/// ExpressClipart.com

and as previously mentioned if you spent hours looking for this...well you wasted a lot of time as the vet caduceus is more than readily available and if you couldnt find it you should be able to recreate it in less than 10-15 minutes.

if you post an image and say you need the EXACT symbol...what are people to understand from that statement? my understanding is that you need that "EXACT" symbol.

your mastery of the language you use on a daily basis is truly underwhelming.

and from a design standpoint there are MANY caduceus' available that are of far better quality than what you have posted and what you are going to use...do your client and your business a favor and use good art.



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If you truly require the exact image, send it to Vector Doctor. He does great work for dirt cheap and has very fast turn around. The cost of the conversion would be far less than the 2 hours of search time cost you.