Looking for Vector Bull.


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Re-Making these numbers. Anyone know where I can find this bull?

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Sorry bout the offsite post. I realized it after i submitted and got to doin something else.

Fred Weiss

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I hope whoever drew that bull is getting paid....I think I see something new with that image every day.

We licensed their library about six years ago, improved the images for our Print-N-Cut Color Collection and provide a commercial use license for our versions. Lots of people have used that bull because the studio made the mistake of licensing his library, including the bull, to Corel back in the 1990's. Corel provides a personal use license only but, unfortunately, many licensees ignore that fact.

So when the image comes from our version, the artist gets paid. When it comes from CorelDRAW, the image is inferior and the artist doesn't get paid.

The studio had created more than 2,400 of the nicest full color vector artwork you will find anywhere. Nothing has been added to it for more than ten years now. The staff is all gone and the owner/artist ended up driving a truck for the main part of earning his living.

Attached is the best known version I've seen pulled from CorelDRAW.


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