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Need Help Looking for vendor - 3in x 2in industrial decals, small font, sold by the sheet


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I'm looking for a vendor to make some 2in x 3in decals by the sheet for industrial applications. The customer is looking for very aggressive adhesive, durable, and conformable material (in that order of priority) to stick to pumps, motors, casings, housings, etc. Probably cast material, more than 3 mil thickness.

Biggest challenge is the small font. Some text is 0.062in high and they are non-negotiable on that.

Ordering would be by the sheet with 10 decals per sheet printed and cut, but left in place on the sheets. I have print ready artwork. Two colors, yellow and black. Sheet size is about 5in x 10in but I can rearrange that if needed.

Right now they are requesting a quote for 10 sheets and 100 sheets.

I think that's all the info, let me know if anyone here is interested or knows a good source, thought I'd throw this out to the group before searching wider. PM me or respond with contact info and I'll send the files.



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I design ATV/SXS graphics kits here in Western PA. I outsource all my printing to a guy in Indiana, PA. The material we use is 21 mils, very durable, intended for the motorbike stuff, but he's used it on a lot of the oil/gas rig stuff he does. Hit me up if you want their info. Somewhat local to you.