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Looking for vendor who can print on large thermoplastic sheet with flex ink


New Member
Hey there - I'm looking for someone who can print on flat thermoplastic sheet such as acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG etc (any of these would work for me). Piece size would be about 22" x 26". Additionally, I am looking to use ink that allow for stretching/elongation. Examples of this type of ink include Mimaki LUS-350, EFI SuperDraw and FujiFilm Uvijet KV, I'm sure there are others.

I know some equipment cuts off at 20" so I am seeing if there's way to make that work for me but would prefer to go bigger if possible.

After a test piece or two, I am looking to start with about 50 pieces and then ramp to 100 or so per month. I can't guarantee that volume off the bat (aside from the first order), but that's the goal.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!