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Looking to buy clipart, I need a dragonfly.

Timothy Davis

New Member
Best dragonflyh I have found that did not look like a musquito was the one for dragon fly BSD, Do a google search for the eps file and you will find it. It is editable and looks nice, had to use it on a banner once.

If you have trouble locating it let me know and I will send it via email. I think I have it in AI format.


New Member
i so amazed at some of the questions here.......and the people askin them......are in this business.....AND HAVE NOW PROGRAMS WITH CLIPART? a computer does not just generate CLIPART....COREL, ART EXPLOSION, PRINT ARTIST, PRINT SHOP, ARTS & LETTERS EXPRESS all have tons of clipart.......my liltte $29 PRINT ARTIST 6.0 has 57,000 graphics in it...........how cheap are these newbies...
or they dont know that programs have clipart, we already know none can DRAW their own.................