Looking to buy sign and banners related websites


I own a graphics business in San Diego. I do a lot of web site optimization and marketing. I am looking for anyone that is going out of business and wants to sell there website.

It doesn't need to be a huge site or have a lot of traffic I am looking for sites that have been established a long time. (They rank higher in the search engines)

Please send me a PM for more info.


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I can help you get ranked without paying for "older websites." Contrary to most seo beliefs, age has absolutely nothing to do with a site's rank.

If you would like to discuss, please send me a personal email. My site, Lets Go Banners, is usually ranked on the front page of Google for "vinyl banners" (no quotes). We did this within about 6 months of aggressive seo work.

Last time I checked, our site was number 6 for vinyl banners, and we rank for hundreds of key words phrases. Due to our proximity (located in Hawaii,) it's not been our priority to go for number one on Google. I really feel we could do this if we had a mainland shipping system. (Shipping from Hawaii is very expensive, but we have fortunately found a few mainland drop-shippers.)

Anyway, good luck with your internet marketing endeavors!