Looks familiar but ?


Anyone know this one.
Thanks for any help.


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Now I'm really on a quest. The "B" in the attachment has overtones of RAPHAEL. The entire typeface has a feeling of Caslon Black Swash as well as A Bodoni Black Italic. The font available at the link I posted is a s%#@ font to say the least.
I know that many years ago when I worked for a very large and old print house in Seattle, we had that typeface.....in Lead I believe...possibly film or B&W masters. Unfortunately that company has long since gone through many changes, the people I worked with are now gone and the art department staff was mystified when questioned. Film is gone...lead is gone...type books and catalogs...everything gone...WTF!
I hope someone out there can be of more help with better info!!! (calling Tikiboyz............):help


Rex, I also thought the font was a steamy pile.
But thats what they want. I`ll make it look half way decent.
Thanks for all your help.