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Lumberjack clipart

Sign One

New Member
Hi, has anyone seen any good clip art of a lumberjack (the customer wants him with the checked shirt with a double axe over his shoulder,) my partner Steve does caricatures / cartoons, but it could be next week 'til he can get to it with our workload-- anyone?

Sign One

New Member
I was thinking a full body, but yeah I think it might- Thanks so much! (I didn't find him in my search!)

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Site Policy on Digital Files

Bob, I realize that you are just acting in a helpful way. The problem is that there is no way to know if what you are offering is a design that was created by you. If it is not, then what you are offering would be a copyright violation and illegal. Further it would be offensive to some members here including myself. And finally, it could result in me being sued for allowing and facilitating such a transfer which would then result in me shutting down this forum.

Sign One does not have his email settings turned on to allow you to email him through his profile, but he does have his Private Messaging turned on. It will be much better for you to contact him privately with your generous offer than to make it a part of the permanent archive here in an open forum where most people reading it will assume that you are offering a copyrighted file and either be offended or assume that this is perfectly okay to do here.

It is not even if the file is your original creation.

So do as you want, but please do it in private.