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LXI Software question....

I just got my Panther 24 in and I am working on a car graphic for a Honda civic.

My design:
All the design is done in illustrator. The design is a straight line that breaks apart as it goes back. The design is black and I used a white block shape to (delete) create the spaces as the line breaks apart and the end.

My issue:
So as I bring the file into LXI I have the white blocks as shapes and it does not allow me to cut as if the white blocks where just punch outs of the black line.

My question:
In LXI how do I punch out/ knock out the white (shpaes) with out having to redo the design as single black shapes?

I hope someone can understand what I am asking.

Anthony "ACE" Cox
Southbound Mobile Graphics

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
In Flexi you would perform a "Cutout" command. I believe you software is a private label version of Flexi.

I don't have my Flexi available where I'm at so from memory and based on your description:

1. Select all the white blocks and compound them (Control + M). Deselect.

2. Selection order determines what will be cutout, so follow this sequence. If you get the wrong result, Undo (Control + Z) and select again in the opposite order. Select the black shape and then select the white shapes. Execute a Cutout command. If the result is correct and the white blocks do not automatically delete themselves, delete them manually.
Thanx for your help that was all that I needed. The design came out great. I will post a picture as soon as I install the design.

Anthony "ACE" Cox
Southbound Mobile Graphics
Baton Rouge, LA

CDC Graphics

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LXi question.

I have VE LXi Master+7.5v5 and I need to weld this image. I go through the steps but it doesn't work. The horse needs to be cut out with the diamonds but it doesn't work when I send it.
Can anyone help me!!??

Answered my own question. It would do a cut out with an outline. Hmm...:help:
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