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make Compund Path


New Member
Fred, or anyone else i know this is simple but where is it that i make a campound path in corel

i just bought those auroragraphics fills and in the instructions it's saying select your object and make compound path
is this another thing for convert to curves?


corel draw suite 11
here's the instructions
"COREL users will import the graphic (or) create the text based sign you wish to use the Print Craft Pro Fills with. Select the vector based object and "MAKE COMPOUND PATH". Import the fill of your choice. Select the fill only, and click the "EFFECTS" tab then click "POWER CLIP". Then, select "PLACE INSIDE CONTAINER" and click your vector based object with the large black pointer tool. The object will take on the attributes of the fill you imported. Multi-layered objects can be assembled using this technique and create stunning effects in a matter of a few minutes. The other option is to use Adobe Photoshop to custom assemble your fills to the design as is described below."

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Corel uses different terminology:

Compound = Combine

Release Compound = Break Apart

Both commands, in Corel 8 (can't speak for later versions), appear under the Arrange Menu.