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Making Eyes


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Make a circle and add an outline, this will be the white part of the eye.
then release the compound and duplicate the inside circle and place it where you want the pupil to be.
Then select the inside and pupil circle and "separate / weld" them, and release the compound again.
Delete the extra parts and join the compound on what is left. then add your lashes and your done.


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Well I did those steps and the weld feature did not appear to work - it didnt allow for the inside to look like an eye -ball I did try to dues the inner circle and pupil and cot this result which looked exactly what I was looking for but the problem is...

I planned on cutting out the black area first and then layering the white portion on top. The substrate in this case is not white but instead painted flesh


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then just release the compound and run the outside by itself in black (or along with everything else that's black) and run the inside in white separately and lay it on top of the black.

If you have to see the colors on screen then click the white color box on the right side and drag & drop it on the inside, white part. (after you release the compound) if you don't see it then click on the inside, white part and go to arrange and "place on top".


make a circle slightly smaller than the eye (white) then lay the black on top of it


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maybe these will help... I work with corel, but the steps will be similar,

1 - a circle

2 - duplicate to the inside, smaller

3 - duplicate smaller circle offset from original

4 - trim (the corel command - flexi command may be "cut out"?) the inner circle from the last duplicate - delete last duplicate

5 - draw a rectangle with rounded corners - duplicate twice - rotate two outer ones slightly

6 - move rectangles over outer circle, weld rectangles and circle

7 - add color


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or you could go to brands of the world and pull down MOON EYES...you see these on all the old hot rods.....MOON EQUIPMENT has a set of eyes as their logo.


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I got it - thanks all - the problem I encountered using flexi was when I tried to weld the inner circle and thr outer. Instead of welsing I had to fuse them and it came out just right.



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