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Making Perforated Labels on Versacamm


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I haven't found anything on this and not even sure if it's possible. What I'm trying to achieve is printing rows of labels that have the shape kiss cut and then a perforation through them. They are used as a seal and want the vinyl to be easily breakable on the perfs.

I'm really not sure how to set that up in versaworks, specifically the cutting numbers, pressure length, etc....



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there is a swatch for the perf cut. i forget how it's typed out for versaworks to read it .
you add a line for the perf like you would for a cut line (ContourCut) and you just use the perf swatch.
then the machine will do all the kiss cuts and then go back and do the perf cuts


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I don't even think you need perf cuts for this. You just need to insert dashes cut lines into your design so that the label breaks apart upon removal. It should still stay together during install if you are careful enough.


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Here's a pdf on how to set it up for Versaworks


  • Adding_PerfCut_Swatch_In_Adobe_Illustrator.pdf
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I would use an adhesive paper product, Roland makes one, that way you don't need to perforate it.
I might have to check into that. Thanks!

I think you most misunderstood my question. Like is it practical to set the Pressure Length and Perforation length both to say .03 in?
I tried on a small label but I think it was just too narrow (approx. .375in) to use and the perf tore off with me getting the entire piece of vinyl off the backer.

Thank you for the help so far!