Making solid type with outlines in Flexi Expert


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I have Flexi 7.6 Expert. My delemma: Red Type with a black outline. How can I make the black outline solid so I can layer vinyl over the top? I went to effects > separate outlines, then welded them together. What it does is welds but leaves a lot of cut lines.


"Deposit Please"

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type your red text. With text selected, go to effects>outline. Mouse over design central, choose color & choose with backing. Hit check mark to commit. Then go back to effects> separate outline.


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See attached pic.

Step 1 - Make your text
Step 2 - Click on the outline tool
Step 3 - Set your outline size and click the option where the arrow is
Step 5 - Select the text - Right Click and click Separate Outline
Step 5 - Select the red text and drag to the side - you should have a solid black outline

I hope this is what you were looking for


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