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Managing a linked OLE spreadsheet in Flexi

Dan Gray Signs

New Member
How do I flatten the inserted OLE object (a spreadsheet) - like doing a "Convert linked to Native" move, in order to print ALL that text onto a banner. Every way I have tried to export really pixilates the spreadsheet lettering.


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So if I am understanding correctly you basically want to print a large version of the spreadsheet? Have you tried exporting as a PDF yet? If you can't export as PDF most software has a print to PDF option as well. Once it's a PDF the text should be vector which will allow infinite expansion without pixelation.

Dan Gray Signs

New Member
Before posting this inquiry, among other things, I tried printing as a PDF, and exporting as AI, and EPS, and had same problem that all the info/text from the spreadsheet is very blurry/pixilated in any combination. It does not convert it to vectors when I try to re-import the PDF back into Flexi. The spreadsheet lettering is perfect when in OLE in Flexi.

When I set it up as a spreadsheet, it allows me to arrange/rearrange columns and rows MUCH simpler than in Flexi...plus allows for future wholesale editing. If I could Convert linked to Native, it would probably be perfect... but Flexi does not give me that as an option. I'm on Flexi Cloud V12sp3 p4 Build 2568.


New Member
If I'm not mistaken, spreadsheets (and other files) interoperability is a known issue with MS's OLE tech and is usually rasterized in order to compensate for this issue.

I would bypass OLE.