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Matthew Gerber

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I'm the manager of SignCraft, Inc., an 8 person full-service design and fabrication shop on California's Central Coast. We are a C45 licensed electric contractor with a 20 year history.

I've been designing professionally for 19 years, doing stints as an educator, in retail print services manager, in public relations and marketing, and as a small business owner. I have experience in motion graphics, video and audio production (where I got my start in the communication arts).

I've been in the sign industry for two-and-a-half years, and find it fairly rewarding. I was never one for geting giddy when I saw a design I created in use 'round town, but at least I know that the signs I'm producing will be around for somewhat longer than the standard flyer or brochure design. I see myself staying in signs for a good long time, as I enjoy the work and the folks I've met in the industry.

My thanks to Fred Weiss for hosting the Signs 101 boards, and all of his efforts getting my account activated (we hit some hurdles there). I've lurked here a bit, and it looks like a fun place to spend some time!


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Welcome from the Central Valley, Matthew. Cool Resume... this place has been very helpful for me learning about the sign business. Look forward to hearing more from you.



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:Welcome: You've got a good last name for the industry, huh?

Welcome from Kansas. Yeah, that's right. The land now scientifically proven to be flatter than a pancake.

Look forward to your posts.