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Marine Dress Blues?


New Member
I have a client wanting a marine in dress blues on his digital signs. I have some cartoonish stuff but really need a good photo that I can buy at a reasonable price. Can anyone recommend a site or does anyone have a pic of themselves in dress blues they want on my customers signs? lol

I'll be creating a silhouette image if unable to find a photo.

Appreciate any hlep.


RJ California

New Member
I would try dreamstime.com and istock.com.
I did a search on iStock for "marine soldier" and they had some that might work, Dreamstime had 1 or 2 that might work also. Those 2 sites are good because of the large file size and low price (between $1 and $5 per pic).
Clipart.com had some too - they charge an annual subscription.
Hope you find what you need.


New Member
GO TO THE MARINE RECRUITER.....ill beat he got some pamphlet/brorcher with a guy in full dress........

mark in tx

New Member
Do like Old Paint said, but ask the recruiter for a copy of his or her official photo in dress blues, it will be much better than scanning in a pamphlet.


New Member
I'd put on mine, but it may look more like a can of biscuits, thats if I can get the blouse buttoned. Too much food not enough exercise since the 90's:unclesam:


New Member
Go to Getty Images, it may cost a little more but will be what youre looking for,istock typically doesnt have accurate representations for licensing reasons.