mark and unmarking


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i have flexi 8.5 starter but i cant figure out how to unmark a bitmap picture or trace in flex any help please i found the mark & unmark but wont do nothing

Fred Weiss

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Not sure what you mean by marking and unmarking but I don't think Flexi Starter is capable of tracing anything. It is a bare minimum application that will drive your plotter and not much more.

If you want to trace, edit and otherwise manipulate images you will either need to upgrade to a higher level of FlexiSign or use other alternative applications such as

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDRAW
  • Cibercut
  • Inkscape
  • SignLab
  • Dozens of others

Fred Weiss

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Whatever you want to do to it will need to be done in Inkscape or a vector editor. You should then be able to save it as an EPS and bring it into Flexi Starter where you can perform the normal things a plot program does like sizing, mirroring etc.

Flexi Starter does not contain any editing capability to speak of. it is simply a bridge from your vector editor to your plotter.