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Master Worf USTech AK-600


New Member
Recently bought a used, but like new AK-600. USTech, Master Worf, Master Laminator, etc.... (A lot of names on it). It is a heavy built machine and hopefully will be better than my old Daige solo.

Questions: Does there exist any written paperwork on setting the tension (shafts and rollers) and setting this thing up correctly? I saw one Youtube video advertising one for sale by an equipment company. It shows 2 guide rollers where mine only has one, one above the other, and it shows the backing paper take-up rotating in the opposite direction of mine when in FWD or REV. I called the number on my unit, and was supposed to be sent some info., but never happened. I can laminate with it and it does OK, but tracks no better than my Daige did with my limited knowledge of how it is supposed to be set up. Been doing this stuff forever, but sometimes I still miss the obvious, and want to make sure I don't on this thing. Any help is appreciated.