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Hi Everyone

I have been printing lots of stuff 8 feet and longer, and don't have a expensive take up system so I got a little creative.

Went to Ikea, but this nice rack for less then $15.00, went to Home Depot bought some clamps, wire cable...and built the perfect media holder for less then $25.00. This way it keeps prints of the ground and avoids any contact within the print. I think this is a better solution then a basket because its more versatile.



Blake Choquer


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hey that's not too bad for the money. and so, you go over and roll it a little further away once in a while when printing long banners?


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Overcoming and adapting for the situation

Good job Blake, I like Ikea, mostly because almost everything they sell comes as a kit and you have to put it together.

I can't tell from you photos, but it doesn't look like it was casters, just rubber caps on the bottom of the legs, right?

Also, at that price point, it's most likely made of steel and not aluminum, right?

All in all, you did a good job overcoming and adapting for the situation.


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It has caster wheels and is made of steel. That is the main reason why I bought this one. This way you can roll it anywhere.


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I have a pair of them in my shop with 6 inch cardboard tubes over the top bar. I do the same but use tape instead of clamps also drape banners over to outgas.
Perfect when I have a really long banner to print, just drape over both.

The only downside, being Ikea they are getting a little loose in the joints.


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I got distracted after he said nice rack... what were we talking about again?

Seriously, nice solution to a problem a lot of us have. When I'm not printing a ton of stuff, and using a take up roll for one print seems like overkill (or worry about double stroke prints sticking to themselves on one, this would come in handy! Thanks for sharing :)


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I like the idea of the cardboard roller. smart.

The inside gap is just under 40". You could widen it to fit 48 inch at the base.