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Members from the U.K.


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This forum is excellent, I have been reading it for some time, but now I have just registered.

It's great to hear from people from the other side of the pond.

Are there many of you out there from the U.K?



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Bonjour de Montréal, 'khalid' ! :) ... some folks here in Canada would think Quebec is 'on the other side of the pond'! LOL! Welcome aboard! :)


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Wecome lad. I was born in Canada but my parents (and older brother & sister) are from Wales.


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Think I'm the only other UK member. Right down south (almost as far as you can get without hitting France).

There are some UK sites like this but you have to pay "for the good bits" which as far as I can make out are demos of stuff that can easily be figured out and certainly not worth paying for :)

This is probably the best site in terms of help and breadth of sign making topics.