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Good afternoon,

I'm wondering if anyone knows somewhere I can purchase restaurant menu templates? Not for signs but for printing

I have been working with quite a few restaurants and have had couple ask if I have templates they can look through when they want to do something new with their menus.

Someone mentioned there was another place in town that did and it seems to make things quicker and easier than starting from scratch everytime.

I've attached a menu that kind of shows the type of thing I'm doing now just to give you an idea of the sort of look.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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thinking about that...things are just really busy right now and I thought if I could find a package to buy it would help for the time being.

If I can't find anything that's what I will end up doing.


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HaroldDesign - thanks...had a quick look at the link you posted but what they have on there looks kind of cheap to me...kind of clipart like if you know what I mean?