Methods to mount a full coverage print on a substrate?



Hey, I have not yet mounted a full coverage print onto a substrate, If i had to i have been lucky and could make the print a 1/2" smaller and mount with the BS.

Any tips guys?

Have some mags as well as coro to mount soon.

Thank you!


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Do you have a laminator? There was a great post (do a search) on how to use a laminator to mount vinyl. You'll save a ton on masking tape!


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I print with a 1/2" bleed, laminate, trim, line up on board, do a center hinge and lay down one side with the big squeegee, peel up and lay down the other side, trim and usually for kicks seal edges with a Seal-It pen.


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depends on how big. i center hinge alot just cause it's fast n easy, even though i have a couple laminators and a BS. I will peel back one side and stick a yard stick on the edge - holds it nice and straight while I squeegee across.