Metro M500, Hexis HX30000, 3M DI-NOC


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Hi New here..:toasting:

I would like to wrap a yamaha Vmax with carbon fiber.

Im considering one of these three materials.

Metro M500
Hexis HX30000

Which would be best suited for long term and installation ease since Iv never done this.. :Big Laugh Glossy would be good to.


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I think they are so new there might not be much feedback available yet but if I was you I would use 3M for sure. Thats an expensive application your going to be doing and 3M the leader when it comes to stuff like this.


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I love the look of the 3M D-Noc and it comes in 7 colors. Kinda pricey unless you buy a full roll.
The Hexis 30000 is great for wrapping and you can buy it by the yard from Hexis direct.
I would get a sample if I were you to see which one you like the looks of better.

You can contact.
Melissa Cox
Hexis USA LLC.
Regional Sales Manager
888-284-3947 Ext. 23