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Microsoft Expression: Graphic Designer


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hmmm...just installed it and took it for a quick test drive. I am not certain what market they are going after with this product. Anyone already experienced with the 'Big Two', Corel and Adobe, will not, in my opinion, find anything here that they can't do now and with a feature and control set that they are accustomed to. For example, I was finding myself right-clicking to bring up the nodes sub-menus when attempting to edit them as I would in CorelDRAW; nope, different set of functions. Similar situation with the paint tools. For those that haven't been exposed to Adobe's and Corel's products and want to keep it all MS, then I suppose it will be a good fit. For me though, I had to fire up CDR X3 just to get the 'feeling' back! LOL! :) It will be interesting to see at what price point they introduce it at as they have yet to do so (according to the web site). IMHO, Corel's latest graphics suite, even at full retail for the full, non-upgrade version, is a bargain considering the fonts, clipart and photos that are supplied. Then again, as I have said here before, perhaps it's a Canadian thing,:Canada 2: as Corel is headquartered in Ottawa, ON just down the trail from me here in Montreal :):Canada 2: