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Microsoft Surface Studio 2


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It would work fine for logo design, however, it's extremely overpriced. For example, I just built a PC with a Core i7, 16GB of RAM, 500GB SSD and Geforce 1070TI with 8GB of video memory. Almost exactly the same specs as this unit. My total cost was ~$1300. At $3500 for the Microsoft Surface Studio 2 you are paying a premium for the sleek form factor and nice display.


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Personally, I'm more of a Wacom fan. Although that will drastically change the price comparison when adding a Wacom into the mix.

On a production rig, not really fan of all-in-ones. I'm not totally sold on the Wacom Engine either (although at least you can separate the 2 and get the Engine with a Xeon chip as well).

While I can actually appreciate what MS has been doing the last few yrs with regard to coming up with their own hardware, I'm not a Win 10 fan on a variety of fronts (nor Mac as well that's why I don't run either one, but I digress).