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Mimaki CG 130 fx windows xp serial to usb adapter

Stephen Paul

New Member

So here is what I'm working with, and the reason I am set up this way is because the USB port on the Mimaki itself is broken so I have resorted to using the rs232c port, however the only cable I could find was a male to male rs232c to serial, so from there I have a Belkin serial to USB adapter to a Win XP SP3 laptop.

My Setup includes:

Mimaki CG 130 FX Driver installed
Adobe CS4 with Finecut for Mimaki
rs232c to serial to usb cable

So for a while I had everything setup correct (as far as I could tell) but had a communication issue to the plotter, I then discovered that the USB port on the Mimaki was broken so I found a way to use the other port still had communication issues, then I went into the DEVICE MANAGER and changed the settings on the Belken serial to usb adapter to be set as COM1 instead of COM11 because there was no COM11 option in the Mimaki FINECUT plotter setup.

Once I changed that and tried to plot I got a different message that reads:

Non-Mimaki plotter is connected. Finecut is able to output to Mimaki plotter.

Which made me glad that I finally have communication between the laptop and the plotter, however for some reason it isn't recognizing it as a Mimaki, so I'm not sure what I need to change to fix that. Any advice is appreciated thanks!