Need Help Mimaki cjv 30 100 keeps returning to local after printing so wont cut!!


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Hi I have been printing and cutting with my Mimaki cjv 30 100 for 5 years and it has now stopped cutting automatically after printing!!
it slips into Local mode before cutting ... I have to press Remote to get it to cut

please any help appreciated thank you

J W Thoms

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Hi I do not cut on our CJV 30, but ours would do the same thing when printing. It seems to be the chip readers for the ink. The cartridges come out a little through vibration. You have to tap them back in. We took a board about 2" wide x 3/4" and put foam tape on one side. Then we clamped it across all 8 ink cartridges, so that they cannot pop out. It is a bit of a pain when changing ink, but worth it as It does not fall into local.