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Mimaki CJV Printing Black lines in first few inches of any orange, pink, red, etc


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I am getting very irritated. Cjv30-130. Test print is clear, no mix at all in colors. If I send any job that has orange, pink, red, the first few inches of the print have black lines in it than it fades away. Just started happening in the past couple weeks. Please give me some suggestions to check. This is unusual for sure. To note also, the test print is clean after this as well. Only first few inches.

Photo attached, but not great because I crumbled up vinyl before posting this


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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
Check the bottom of the head for inkcicles that might be hanging down. Sometimes they are just long enough to drag on the vinyl and as it drags on the vinyl it disappears because it erodes. If the head is nice and clean underneath, make sure the capping station is clean and working properly. If the cap top is older than 1 year old, replace it. Also flush cleaning solution through the pump to make sure it isn't clogged. If your wiper is deformed replace it. Other than that, if the dampers are older than a year I would replace them to rule them out. Unfortunately sometimes this issue is caused by internal damage to the head the isn't able to be fixed. If you get everything nice and clean, the maintenance station is working properly and the dampers are new, then the head is the culprit.


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Mine did the same. Check the dampers and pull them out and clean it. Also, can look on YouTube about how to use a syringe to flush cleaner through the head to unclog it. Mine ended up being too bad off and had to be replaced.