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Need Help Mimaki CJV30 Magenta Overspray


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My Mimaki CJV30 has started to have an issue. One day to the next, this overspray on magenta has appeared.

I run the machine Uni-Directional, 24 Pass with Fast Print OFF.

I have tried everything, Manual Cleaning, Nozzle Washes, Hard/Normal/Soft Cleans, cleaned capping top, new wiper, etc..

Attached ares pictures of my Nozzle Test.
It’s almost perfect, 1 Cyan nozzle out, 1 Magenta nozzle out and another Magenta nozzle slightly deflected.

Also attached is a picture of the overspray / mist.

Any suggestions?


  • BCE24E4B-DA4D-433A-A7F3-25E7112D123F.png
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That's a great looking test print. Suggests it's not ink/plumbing related.
More likely electrical: Static, Electrical connections, ribbon cables, printhead failing, possibly encoder strip dirty.
If you're up for it (learning how to do it properly)_, you could unplug, check and re-connect the ribbon cable from your printhead...