Discussion Mimaki CJV300-160 About to Purchase

Wayne Croeser

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Hi Lads and Ladies, it's my first post on the forum, just looking for first hand reviews on the Mimaki CJV300-160 and Mimaki LAW heat assisted laminator. I've been in the signage industry for 25+ years, sold shop, moved countries and looking to start up again.

Have always used Roland but I'm now going the Mimaki route, seems well priced and very similar to Roland, just need to get my head around Raster Link V6.

Anyone have any good or bad reviews on the Mimaki, ink/media compatibility, technical issues etc.

Thanks all.


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Mimaki are solid built machines and are great printers.

As long as you have relatively nearby tech support and get the machine on a good deal I don’t think you’ll have issues.

My biggest grievance is rasterlink 6. Even 5 was better than 6. Everything’s over complicated and not user or visually friendly at all. I hated it so much I spent the money to switch it to onyx.

Wayne Croeser

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Thanks, may look at upgrading to Onyx, have read that Raster Link is nowhere near the likes of VersaWorks. Luckily I have Mimaki techs 10kms west of me and Roland 10km North of me. Just cannot justify the extra spend for a Roland.

Guess it's time to push the big green button!