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Mimaki JFX200-2513 Black liquid on fans

Susan Stewart

New Member
We occasionally find black liquid on and around the fans that cool the circuit boards inside the carriage. The one that has the most liquid is the fan on the right side of the carriage. It has also sprayed the black liquid on the circuit board. Has anyone else ever seen this? I have a couple pictures. This doesn't make any sense to me. We change the filters frequently. We change the filters even when they don't look that dirty. We have been told that it is ink being pulled up there by the fans. If that's the case, why is it only black. We print white also.

IMG_0045.jpg IMG_0046.jpg IMG_0044.jpg


New Member
I've seen on my JFX and my technician says not to worry about it. BTW, our circuit board is completely black from ink.


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That doesn't seem right. I am a certified tech tech for that model and I haven't seen any memos about ink build up in that area which says to me it's not a common issue. Also, I have never seen it build up like that on any machine I have worked on. Are you manually entering the media thickness or allowing the machine to auto measure? Maybe the head height is too high and ink is curing before it hits the material and creating a debris cloud? What other machines do you have running in that room?

Susan Stewart

New Member
I am allowing the machine to auto measure everything we run. We don't have any other machine running in the room. It's in a clean room all by itself. Also, we had a Mimaki tech come to replace a circuit board in August 2017. The circuit board they sent us had more black on it than the circuit board we had in the machine. We had them order a new circuit board. We didn't accept the circuit board with all the black on it. Here's a picture. So it seems to me that I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. It would be nice to figure out why this is happening. We are very meticulous about cleaning our machine. We did have a tech tell us just to change the filters more frequently. We have never seen a clogged filter, but we change them regularly anyways.