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Mimaki JFX200-2513

K Schutt

New Member
Does anyone have a monthly/weekly/daily maintenance schedule they refer to this machine for employees to follow? Also can anyone recommend either a battery backup or surge protector for this printer?

Thanks in advance.


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
This link will bring you to the official Mimaki maintenance procedures for that machine. I'm not the guy for back up batteries though. As you probably already know it's a 220V system so don't mix that up!

Modern Ink Signs

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Here is what we do

Clean around heads, capping station & wiper

Every 3 days
Shake white ink

Clean exterior & around the station, scrape the bed (if needed) vac under printer

Change carriage air filters (4) & flush pad, empty waste ink

Check & fill coolant/water as necessary

Every 3 months
Replace wiper (or as needed)