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Mimaki jv3 or Falcon outdoor


New Member
If you had to choose between the two which one would you pick
falcon outdoor is cheaper but since i live in hawaii i wont have anyone on island to fix or service it
A mimaki here costs about $22,000 or more $16,995 for print and cut combo about $1000 for the ink, $700 shipping ,$3500 a year for warranty that includes labor and parts and the technicians are on island.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Sounds like you answered your own question. Unless you're very handy at fixing problems yourself, pay the extra and go with the Mimaki. One breakdown will cost you more in lost business than the price difference.

OTOH, if you are comfortable with installing and maintaining yourself with only telephone or email support, then get the Falcon.


New Member
Thanks Fred,
Ok I probably wont have a problem trying to repair it myself over the phone,
is their a repair manual that comes with the equipment or is their one i can
purchase cause it would probably be hard cause I dont know jack about
What color printer/ solvent type that you own than can print on any type of
uncoated vinyl example 651 oracal? if you dont mind me asking. Also if you
do the repairs yourself or have a tech service it.
Everytime I feel like i want the falcon a tech down here talks me out of it. He
claims he gets no commision from the sales, also he states that the mimaki has better print quality

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I don't have wide format. I use a Gerber Edge which will print on 95% of what's out there. That's not a judgment on one over the other ... I'm just not of a mind at this time to jump into inkjet and farm out what I can't or don't want to do on my Edge.

As far as print quality, the chances are you will use whatever inkjet you get at the highest rez settings less than 5% of the time. Color quality will differ substantially between solvent and ecosolvent as well as what materials and color profiles are used. Not sure where the Mimaki mild solvent falls into place but the standard Mimaki solvent inks require a ventilation system and much more service and maintenance than do any of the ecosolvent systems.

Although, they all make claims about printing on uncoated vinyl, I'm hearing that better image quality is attained with specialty films made for inkjets. There are also some real problems with imaging on cast HP films wherein the solvents are affecting the adhesive of the film.

The bottom line is whatever you get will make money for you but don't expect that there is one clear choice in brands, inks or films that will jump out at you. Also, do not expect that the learning curve will be brief or easy.