Mimaki jv3 printing wrong size


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I have a strange question. We have a mimaki jv3160sp it's about 5 years old.
We print a lot of 4h x 8w's and I have noticed that the machine is now shorting us about 3/8" on the 8' side and the bigger we get the more it's off.
It doesn't have a problem with the heights just the lengths.
We are running onyx rip center - it was cheaper then poster shop and works good for us.

Does anyone have a way of fixing this problem? I have changed print heads and pumps so I could change something out if needed - just point me in the right direction. I am hoping it's a software issue or a printer program issue.

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I have a call into Onyx - I was hoping it was just that. I will try it and let you know. We are printing right now and I can't take it off line. Thanks for the quick response.



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Haven't gotten a call back from Onyx yet - checked for "output size compensation" in RipCenter - no luck - not sure why it's not there. I will wait for Onyx to call me back - it may be this cheap *** program (not so cheap at $1,000 used but cheap compared to postershop)


Yea, you may get what you pay for in this case. I just got postershop with the printer because I had no clue about how a RIP functioned at that point. It's easily corrected in Postershop though. Not sure the in's and out's of what you are using. Sounds like it should be a simple fix though.


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I called onyx back -
They were very helpful and wanted me to buy poster shop to fix my problem. He did tell me where to go to fix my issue. Had to click on calibrate printer - then went to media and then options. There it was media compensation - it was set to 0 - I asked the tech on the phone if I should go up or down with the number - he wasn't sure - funny how a "tech" doesn't know his own program. Can anyone tell me what number I should do to make it print about 3/8" longer on an 8' run - He guessed moving the number up would help, but wasn't sure. At least I didn't have to spend money upgrading my software.


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Interesting. I use the same materials and I've never had that problem. I've had that problem when I print 16oz. Banner material. Later I found that by reducing the heat it prints more accurate to the size, not perfect, but less. I can also tell you that I never heard of adjusting the "Media Compensation" on the rip program rather than on the machine. Let me ask you this, do you have banding?


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Media comp shouldn't cause a print to be 3/8" off over an 8' length. In theory you'd want to increase the number, I'd say substantially, to gain that 3/8" back, but then you're more than likely going to have white lines between each pass. Are you currently seeing a thin dark line between passes (would look like the passes are overlapping slightly)? If so, it's too low, you want the media comp set to where there's no overlap or gap between passes.

I may be wrong, but I think something else is wrong, I just can't fathom it throwing a print off that much. I have no idea where else to point you though.

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I was talking about output size compensation...different than media feed compensation...

In my RIP (flexi) you can adjust it by printing out what the printer thinks is a 12"x12" square, measure it, and put the actual size printed in...it creates a size compensation so that actual prints come out to the size that the printer thinks it is printing...


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I've found the take up reel can stretch my vinyl out when printing long panels. I guess they're stretching due to the heat and tension from the take up reel. Once they cool off they shrink down and are smaller than the size they started at.

Not using the take up reel helped me solve the problem with my JV33. You may be able to use it without issue if you use the least amount of heat you can get by with. With my choice of inks (eco-sols) that's not really possible. They love the heat turned up and perform poorly with colder settings.