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Mimaki jv33 printing issue

I recently purchased a mimaki jv33 that does have some missing nozzles. My question is concerning what appears to be overspray or deflection in my prints. I wondered if anyone here can perhaps help. I’m posting my settings in flexi along with a picture of my print if I can


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Here are my settings in flexi


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Hi! This overspray is literally a clogged nozzle problem, so, you need to unclog the cyan and magenta nozzle, if you already did a hard cleaning let the printhead soak all night with solvent and then do a Fill up ink process, you can do it multiple times if needed. Once all the nozzles are unclogged you'll have perfect prints and this overspray will be gone.

Attached a picture of how you're nozzles should be.
Thank you for the reply. I realize the test should look like that but the previous owner said they had a head strike and it is not a clog. So is the overspray something I cannot get rid of now without a new head?


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Unfortunately no, if the printhead has a strike on the nozzle this overspray will continue cause' it's damaged, your print settings are ok, but the overspray it's cause by the missing nozzles.
Here are my settings in flexi
Go to
- Maintenance
- Nozzle Wash
then fill the cap with cleaning solution and select 1 minute.

Once the cap goes into its home position, turn off the printer and let it set for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, power ON the machine and do a strong cleaning.

Do a nozzle test and see if the nozzles have improved at all. If they haven't then very likely you will have to replace the print head.

We can try and manually suction directly with a syringe but you will have to DM us to explain the process.

Email: info@werepairprinters.ca
Attn: Ron