Mimaki JV400 SUV?


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What are peoples thoughts on the above?

Saw one in action today and it looks very interesting. Ricoh head, instant dry prints and extremely scratch resistant prints. Construction and media handling seems to be pretty much the same as the JV33 but obviously different head, ink and a bank of UV lamps on the front.

Things that concern me...

1) Very new, so reliability is yet to be seen.
2) Mimaki were very vague on ink costs, replacement lamp costs, lamp life, replacement head cost and even warranty length.
3) I assume being a more niche product than the JV33 then 3rd party inks may never become avliable?
4) Likewise, being more niche, I assume servicing will be more expensive when out of warranty?
5) Ricoh head is unproven as far as I know.

Does anyone have any advice as this is a machine we're considering.



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mimaki suv

I was in the Los Angeles NBM show last weekend. Mimaki was showing some printers and a new flatbed router/cutter. I was talking to one of their reps and he talked about the new SUV unit. It sounded really cool. He mentioned that the inks wont scratch or fade as fast as all of the other eco sol printers. In fact he said that you could put unlaminated vinyl onto vehicles! The printer is available for the first time this week and the first demo units are shipping to the vendors. But.....i thought this was a big but.......they were not showing this new printer at the show~! HUH? He said that it was a political decision.......yea right. I'm kinda worried that they are having problems with the machine and decided not to show it. Who knows. I'm in the market NOW for a new machine and this one looks attractive. But it's new technology, new ink, and they did not bring it to the show. And Mimaki is located about 30 miles from the show in los angeles.

I would be concerned about something this new.


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Yes it's all a bit odd.

Has anyone actually purchased one of these or know anyone that has? Or even the Latex version?

I haven't heard of a single company that's got either printer (apart from a Mimaki press release about them selling a Latex to somone).

Also, they don't seem to keen to sell them either. There's been no promotional pricing or show offers or even working units at the shows.

The SUV version I saw working was truly impressive but I don't understand why they're not making any headway with them. Are they just not production ready machines to the point where they don't dare demonstrate them at the shows?


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I know it's an older post, but both machines in the JV400 series are really amazing. The latex now features orange, green, and white....uses dual 110 power and lower heater temps than the competition. The SUV uses dual CMYK, the UV lamp is simply a tanning bed bulb, and has crazy scratch and scuff resistance. I'd say the heads have been proven by now. Right off the printer you can go to the laminator or to your application, that really helps out the car wrap guys. There is special pricing for the ISA show in Orlando.