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mimaki pros and cons


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We are finally ready to purchase a digital printer.
What are the pros and cons of this printer.
We are looking at a mimaki JV-3 64" printer.
Quoted price of $22,000

Also looking a gerber GS750 plus 30" plotter.
quoted price $7,600
This plotter will only cut sandblast stencil in our shop.does anyone use this plotter for stencil.
Beleive it or not we are running a gerber IVb.What a workhorse,it just wont die.I need something in a wider format and have heard nightmare stories about cutting stencil on most plotters.
Brian :unclesam:

Fred Weiss

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The GS750 is an excellent choice for your intended purpose.

The Mimaki comes as solvent or a newer mild solvent version. We buy output from a guy up the street with a solvent version. I can comment on a second hand basis only.

The output, when it's right is fabulous. They went through a hard learning curve getting to that point and I suspect eventually settled in on a short list of what works instead of mastering the device.

Being a solvent system, they have a ventilation system installed and the printer is in its own room away from their main work area. Even with the ventilation, the odor in the room is overpowering and probably unhealthy. Maintenance and downtime is fairly normal which is not unexpected with a solvent system. They require a lot of use to work at optimum.

I'm not at all sure that solvent is worth the hassle and lean, without firsthand knowledge, towards the mild solvent setup or the other brands that use eco-solvent. Neither solvent nor eco-solvent will withstand even mild contact with most common solvents and both can easily be rubbed down to white vinyl either with alcohol or just plain abrasion. The benefit of eco-solvent is reduced maintenance and wearing out of parts at a small sacrifice in durability and color brilliance.

Both solvent and eco-solvent, IMHO, are on the verge of being replaced by UV curable inkjets which reportedly feature virtually no smells, greatly reduced maintenance, good looking and durable output. Colorspan has just introduced a UV version of their 72" flatbed inkjet and Gerber will shortly begin shipping their 62" Solara which uses this technology.

The $22,000 is, I think a pretty good price for the JV3 and it will make a good return for you. There are some very competitive prices on Mutoh Falcon Outdoor eco-solvent systems you might want to compare as well that appear to be a couple of thousand lower. They offer the 62" printer (MSRP $20,695) at a discount with extras added and well as some print and cut packages.

Mutoh Printer Packages at Sign Supply of Kentucky

Mutoh PNC Offers at Sign Supply of Kentucky

Let us know what you end up selecting.


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I have the Mimaki printer, and love it I bought a 60" mimaki plotter to go with it from Grimco. We have cit 1/4 inch upper lower case lettering and rip-weeded.Package price was 28,500 no tax.


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Falcon Printer pros and cons

We are now looking a Falcon 48" digital printer which has eco solvent inks.
Looking for imput on this printer.
Brian :unclesam:


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thanks for the imput.
I was told that the printer was ordered today and the new pc has already arrived.
Purchase price $12,300.00
We have entered the digital printing business.