Mimaki sensor/problem


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I have a jv3 160, and have been having a time with it. It will be working on a print then just stop when ever it feels like it, and says that it can not detect media. It flashes on the screen form local to remote back and forth. There is not a specific time when it does it. I have used different media and different files. I put some tape on the sensor in the back to block any light getting into it, but it did not seem to work either. It started about a month ago and now it is back and worse then ever. I can't even complete a job with out it stopping at any random time. Any ideas?


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sounds like a faulty sensor, should be fairly simple to install a new one although don't know prices of them in the first place, you might call a tech and see what they say


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+1, bad media sensor. I've had my media width sensor go, but not the media sensor. Might be worth checking on the Mimaki yahoo users group to see if anyone has an extra one lying around.