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Mimaki SS21 metallic ink


New Member
Hi all, recently purchased a mimaki cjv150-160 with the SS21 ink set to print metallic colours for motocross and kart graphics. So far have been pretty disappointed with the quality of the metallic colours. I have tried printing through rasterlink with the silver ink and colour at the same time which produces a mostly silver finish with no real colour in it. Also tried printing with silver ink going down first then the colour over the top which produces good colour but not much of a metallic finish. The tech rep who installed the printer didn’t have any experience with the metallic inks. Is there something I’m missing in rasterlink that needs to be set up properly for these inks
Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Mimaki has never passing the SS21 inks as silver, they are grey, the previous CJV30 with ES3 inks wear challenged foil in the reflectivity. Its a waste of ink. They need to eliminate silver, and allow you to run two passes white or fix the silver so it was close to as good as is used to be. Mimaki has become a joke. It my 5th and last Mimaki. Just bought a Shanghai Color ink jet UV printer 6090 for 25% of Mimaki got a larger bed and better & more responsive technical support.


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I also have the ss21 "silver" its a terrible color and the results suck. I tried everything to get the metallic look but it always just looks like battleship grey or a very dark and dull (insert metallic color that isnt gray scale). The reflectivity is a joke and it looks like some muddy "silver" plastic toy color. I wish and was under the impression that the silver was really foil like with bright metallic blues, reds, and oranges- but it isn't and the investment was a disappointment to say the least.