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Mimaki TS300P vs Epson F9370


New Member

I'm stuck between which printer to buy. I am really liking the media feed motor on the Epson because I feel passively pulling the media via spindle is a big issue for banding, and having a motor feeding the media to the main media roller is clever.

The Mimaki is $8k off on promo for $18k total vs the Epson at $26k.

The Mimaki has the Auto Nozzle Dropout system, where it cleans the nozzles automatically when it detects drop out. This is really cool because it sucks to have to keep walking over to the printer and running cleaning and nozzle checks, where instead the machine just does it automatically.

Epson has the new Precision Core printheads. I'm not sure how those fare to the Mimaki's Panasonic printheads.

I also heard Epson's DS inks do not fare as well to JTEK or Sensient, which I prefer using. The latter don't have formula's for the precision core printheads, so I would be stuck with DS for the Epson, where I would be ok voiding warranty on the Mimaki for Sensient.

Any input on this would be so awesome. I'm pretty much shooting in the dark here without spending tons of time visiting distributors and running tests.