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I have a Mimaki UCJV150-160, running the rasterlink rip. I've had a few issues with the machine from new. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions to fix? The machine likes to double cut when using Adobe illustrator files. It will normally happen when i'm using layers or complex artwork. It cuts around the cutcontour line and not in the center?

And of course if anyone requires any graphics, please get in touch with mitch@printhd.co.uk

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I used to have the same issue with my CJV150 (see photo). But that stopped some time ago and I'm not sure what was the cause nor what fixed it. It may be something software related because I don't recall having this issue since I've reinstalled RasterLink, Fine Cut and Mimaki driver after a Windows reinstall.

What I can suggest you is:
1) Export the complex artworks in .jpg or any other raster format, place that file in Illustrator artboard and then, place the cut contour., preferably in the same layer. Make sure all layers are unlocked and color mode is CMYK
2) Try saving and opening the .eps file through Raster Link menu instead of exporting it with the plugin in Illustrator
3) If if you think it worth trying, remove and reinstall Raster Link, Fine Cut and Mimaki driver. But write down the installed version of each. In my computer, I could't get the latest version to work, so, I'm using Mimaki driver v 4.1.500, Rasterlink 6.59.151 and FineCut 8.7.6.


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I mostly find this happens to people that export to EPS, there’s a default setting somewhere that converts all strokes to outlines. Either turn that off or start saving as PDF.

I’d probably avoid exporting any/all artworks to raster.