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Mimaki USA - 30in Solvent Ink Jet $12,000


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Just got back from a small sign expo from one of my distributers and a Rep from Mimaki was there hading out photo-copyed brochures with a newly release printer, its a 30in model for around $12,000 and a bundle with a Plotter of around $16,000. Competition is certainly heating up!

Though I like the idea of not every sign shop in the area not having a digital printer, at these prices, that may be the future. And Yes its more than equipment that makes you stand out amongst the competition, just don't need anymore joe-blows with a little $$ to invest mudding the waters, even more. :smile:

as long as GBC Sign Whorehouse and the like don't saturate the market with $4000 complete packages in the next 4-5 years I don't see the Joe Blow's getting into the print/cut market. The only reason most of them are in the 'cut vinyl' biz is all the combo packages with cutter/software/scanner at cut rate prices. I can see it now, there will be tons of signs with PRINTED red Helvetica with blue outlines!!!


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That Mimaki print and cut package is down to 13,995 in Los Angeles dollars.

Hey six months ago you couldn't touch a flatbed solvent printer for under six figures. Today Mimaki and Colorspan have cut that number in half. The only sure thing in this business is that if you don't keep your head up and pay attention to market trends, you'll get clobbered by a small-time operator.

Grill your reps, go to trade shows religiously, read the trade rags, and ride the wave!


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I called my local distributor today and inquired about the new Mimaki (JV3-75SPII) machine. He told me they should have a demo in a few weeks, and that Mimaki will contact them next week with more in-depth pricing info. A true solvent for under 14 grand ..sound good to me!!

If anyone's interested, he emailed me a spec sheet from Mimaki ... just drop me a line


Fred Weiss

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I got a flyer on it from Grimco quoting availability in October. Printer is quoted at $12,895 and printer/plotter combo at $16,890.

Wondering if they will be offering the option to use eco-solvent instead of full solvent which they began offering a couple of months ago for the JV3.


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my flyer says the machine could use standard JV3 solvent, or the new Mild Solvent 2 Ink. Mimaki claims the machine is 2 times faster than the JV3-160SP ... You supposedly can print in 4 or 6 color mode.