Need Help Missing Cut Lines - Onyx GamaPrint


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My shop recently switched to the Epson S80600 and run Onyx GamaPrint 19 for print. We use the Summa S2 160 T-Series for our plotter.

Every now and then, the cut lines from the file will not be complete in Cut-Server and won't cut completely around the file. I have loaded and printed the same files and had no problem cutting them after the second time.

I've checked my files and we aren't missing any lines nor are there any issues in the preview in RIP, so I can't predict when the files will fail on me. I never saw this when we had our Roland VS640 printing with Onyx PosterShop. The top half of the image is missing the fourth cut around the decal and the bottom half shows the correct cut lines. Based on our workflow, we never discover these issues until it gets to the plotter. We can turn off automatic cutting, but that won't help us know before we get through the whole print job.

Has anyone experienced this or know why this is happening?


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Are your lines right on the edge of your document and have the bleed set to 0? I found it doesn't like the cut lines on the edge of the document if there bleed is set to zero. I had the same thing happen to myself. I'd always lose one edge on the cut like that.


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It was a white background, so that may be the problem! We've never put any bleeds on our white ones to conserve the material, but if that will solve this issue it might be time to start.