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Need Help Missing magenta and black nozzles

VJ 1324 I was missing megenta 1 box of nozzle, I did few cleaning but did not help it, So I installed new cap station but still did not help. I also change 2 dampers for megenta both boxes of magenta are gone after charging inks magenta ink is going through capping system but no magenta nozzle and also lost both black nozzle. Can some one help please.
I regret to say this that Sign 101 used to very useful but no seems to help any more. My post was view by 542 people but no one answer my question. I feel bad.

Sindex Printing

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I had a Mutoh tech tell me to pre soak the head in the cleaning solution over night to help break up any nozzle that get plugged. Are you using Mutoh ink?


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VJ1324 printers has a big probblem in ink line. It is valve between cartridges and dampers. One time it stops to work correctly and do not open fully as it needed.
So, check the valves or open it temporary by hands.